ONIROLAVA is not just about cladding!
The lava stone is an extremely resistant and versatile volcanic rock, used since the beginning to cover all sorts of delicate surfaces. The remarkable performances against heat, scratches and stains of the natural lava stone make it the perfect material for Kitchen use. It also is naturally impervious to water, won’t harbour bacteria, and can withstand UV exposure without fading. The added baking process of the decorated lava stone increases even more those performances and makes it appropriated for any indoor and outdoor applications.
For this reason ONIROLAVA has collaborated with kitchen professionals such as ELAM, in the attempt to offer carfare material selection of kitchen countertops.
These great performances of the material allow us to propose multiple other solutions to fit each project’s needs.
Kitchen countertops, Staircases, Shower box fittings, technical Façades… Our team will be glad to study and quote your special element.

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