The project ONIROLAVA started as a challenge to elevate an ancient enamelling technique to meet today’s trends and quality standards…

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The collection offers a series of patterns available in different finishes and colors. Color and pattern mixes are available under request.

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ONIROLAVA offers a series of handmade lava stone washbasins. Every piece is carefully carved and finished by hand with only the most traditional tools and technics, all part of the legacy passed by generations of artisans.

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ONIROLAVA proposes a series of tables set pairing the decorated lava tops to metal and natural wood. All the products are all produced and assembled by hand in Italy.

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Among the various natural materials, the lava stone is the strongest and more suitable product to be used for kitchens. It’s the perfect combination of resistance and design that allows the consumer to enjoy her or his room without worrying. Its natural origin makes every single piece unique.

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ONIROLAVA selected a series of images from past projects, fairs, events and many other different sources, hoping to inspire the viewer and help visualize the product in its many variations and applications. Take a look!

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